About Alenka Krek – Fine Art Photographer

I was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I was very lucky that I grew up in a large family garden, on beautiful daisy meadows in the neighborhood and by the riverside of Sava. I still remember the beautiful scenes of morning light in the garden of my grandmother.

My love for drawing led me to the High school for design and photography, where I chose photography. Photography quickly became my big passion for many years. In 1986 I received a gold ‘Puhar’ medal in XIX. national exhibition of youth photography for the collection of photographs. Than followed a period of searching and a youthful search for higher meaning and truth in life departed me from the world of photography for long decades. I traveled to India, practiced yoga, opened and work in an esoteric bookshop in Ljubljana with my husband and created a family. A few years ago I moved with my family to the hills above Ljubljana. In the embrace of beautiful forests and nature a passion and love for photography slowly awakened again. In the spring 2016 this passion erupted like a volcano. Within a few months I captured more shots than before in a few decades. My return to photography is a reflection of immense admiration and love of nature. It is after many years of searching that I found beauty, perfection, peace and wisdom in tinny flowers and nature that sorrounds me. My photographs aim is to show the world the beauty of nature that is sometimes evident and sometimes hidden. Particularly attractive to me is an abstract and imaginative world of colors and shapes in floral macro photography. I also love using a shallow depth of field.
I hope you enjoy my photographs as much as I enjoyed creating them!

I will be always grateful to my dear mentor, late Mr Milan Kumar, great master of photography and artist, who inspired and supported me so much at my beginning in photography many years ago. I also thank my family for all the support.